Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle

Have you ever wanted in rush to go to the toilet but encountered a maze or any that trouble you on the way like Rainbow Friends chasing? In Toilet Rush Race: Draw Puzzle , your quest is to find the way to reach Toilet. Draw a line to connect the villain and the toilet - but How fastest you can go to help him/her release the pressure ✎ How to play ✎ It's time for using your wild imagination: 1. Click on the boy to start drawing lines; 2. Draw a line to toilet but avoid obstacles 3. Fine a fastest path to reach destination 4. The boy and girl run to the toilet along the line, and the game is successful. 💯 Game Feature 💯 1. Rich maze graphics; 2. Lively and interesting villains; 3. The decompression and refreshing feeling of customs clearance; 4. Variety of levels: More than 99+ levels of increasing difficulty. 4. Time for your brain to refresh after a day

How to play?

Use the left mouse button to draw.