Ranger vs Zombies

Game Play Interface Top row Your current score is visible on the top center of the screen. On the top left corner are the number of lives and bullets you have left. The timer is located close to the top right corner. It records the length of time you’ve been playing. At the top right corner is the pause button. Bottom row On the bottom left corner is the jetpack button. On the bottom right corner is the gun button. At the bottom center are the 3 power up buttons. Basic rules You automatically move forward. Kill as many zombies as you can. Use your gun to take out zombies. Jump and fire to take out flying monsters. Activate your 3 powerups to clear out or slow down groups of zombies. Power ups have a 15-second cooldown time. There are 3 power ups to choose from: Ice Meteors Lightning Collect bullets, coins and other power ups. Bullet crates replenish your boxes. The bubble power up protects you from falling bombs. Crates of coin let you collect more coins. Keep moving forward for as long as you can. Lives Each time you make contact with a zombie, you lose a life. You can also lose a life if an airborne bomb lands on you. Lose all 3 of your lives and it’s game over. You can collect lives along the ground. Scoring Your score is based on the number of coins you collect. You gain coins for every enemy you defeat. The longer you play, the more coins you pick up. You can pick up coins that are lying around or found hidden in crates. Tips In this game, jumping is ill-advised. You can’t always reach the flying monsters even if you jump. Jumping will leave you less time to deal with ground-based threats. Because of how easily you can lose lives while jumping, it’s often better not to jump even when collecting coins. Stick to the ground and keep shooting. Focus on killing the zombies in front of you. Don’t worry about ammo. You’ll pass by enough bullet crates that it won’t be a problem. Bubble power ups will be common enough that bombs won’t be much of a problem. Just keep shooting. The power ups are seldom worth the extra effort to activate. Bullets are more precise. You can also just keep shooting, while you need to wait awhile before a power up is useful again.

How to play?

Desktop With your keyboard: Press the space bar to fire rounds of bullets at the enemy. Press the up button to jump. Press twice to double jump. With your mouse: Left click to jump. Left click on any of the power ups to activate them Touchscreen devices With your fingers: Tap on the jetpack button to jump. Tap on the gun button to shoot.