Space Purge

Space Purge is a fun shooting game in which you have to protect the earth from a shower of meteorites. Fly in front of the earth with your rocket and blast the hurtling space rocks to pieces. Collect the boosters to power up your shields and guns. Try not to let a single meteorite pass your rocket, because if the earth sustains too much damage it will explode. Can you protect our home planet? You have get the most important mission and it is to protec the Earth. However, enemies are not here on the ground but in the space. You have been asked to protect the Earth as such, and your enemies are not just some people. You fight against nature, or rather the universe. There are thousands of planets, asteroids, and other galactic particles flying directly on Earth that means death. The universe has fallen into the chaos and is no longer as we know it. Shoot objects flying to Earth and keep humans hope for as long as possible. Collect lives, shields and enhancements. Survive as long as possible. Have fun.

How to play?