Happy Filled Glass 2

Happy Glass is a fun puzzle game featuring an empty glass that needs filling. Figure out how to get the water into the glass by drawing lines and make the glass happy again. The less you draw the higher your score. Draw lines to create a path for the water to reach the glass. The line must be supported to stay in place. There is a limited amount of water so you’ll need to ensure enough water goes in the glass to complete the level! There is a limit to how much of a line you can draw. You can see how much you have left in the bar at the top of the screen. There are also 3 sections of the bar that indicate how many stars you’ll get at the end. The less you draw, the better. Happy Glass keeps you thinking with new challenging elements to encounter the further you get. You’ll have to use your logical and creative skills to make the glass happy again. - Fun puzzle game with a simple objective - Draw freely to create a unique path for the water - 100 challenging levels to play (drag the levels to show more) - Play for free on desktop and mobile devices

How to play?

Drag left mouse button to draw a line.