Tic Tac Toe

TIC TAC TOE TIPS & TRICKS Control the corners Most players go for the middle space whenever they can, but don't ignore the corners! You can use the corners to set up multiple winning moves at once, leaving your opponent no way to block your win. Watch your opponent Take note of where they place their O’s. Keep your eyes open for those winning spots so you can block them before they get three in a row. Bigger grid, more space The 5x5 grid can be quite the challenge. The rules are the same, except now you’ll be looking to get four in a row. It’s best to control the center when playing on the bigger board. Since there are five squares in each row and column, putting your X’s three adjacent spots will give you two possible winning moves, leaving your opponent in a trap. What do you learn from playing Tic Tac Toe? While the game might seem simple, playing Tic Tac Toe can benefit your brain! Playing a few rounds can help strengthen your ability to think strategically and plan ahead.

How to play?