Gravity Square

This is a 20-stage idle tapping physics game where your goal is to move the box onto the 3×3 dot grid at the end of each stage. Tap on the screen or left click your mouse to provide directional force to the box. Repeat the process as needed to guide the box along the path. Gravity will pull the box downward unless you offset it or the box is on a ledge. Levels are beat when the box comes to a stop over the 3×3 dot grid. Game Play This game is quite easy as you are not given a move limit & there are no obstacles your box can be destroyed by. Your relative tap placement will determine how you apply force to the box. If you click directly left of the box the box will go right. If you click directly right of the box the box will go left. If you click directly under the box the box will go up. You can click at an angle to move the box up and to the right. Try to take advantage of platforms and walls to help guide your movements. If there is a wall only on one side you can default to aiming harder in that direction, hoping the box will bounce off and go back to the end target. When you are landing on a finishing platform that does not have side walls try to push the square upward with limited horizontal force and/or guide it from further away from the target to minimize overshooting.

How to play?

Tap or click to create bubbles that move the square around the screen. The more you tap or click, the more bubbles you can create. You can even use the bubbles to lift your square up into the air. Your goal? Land your square on the nine dots to win the level.