Hunter Impostor

Hunter Impostor Stealth Master is an engaging game available. In Hunter Impostor Stealth Master, players take on the role of an impostor character within a chaotic environment. The main objective is to eliminate all the targets in each level without getting caught. To achieve this, players need to employ wit and calculation to determine the perfect path for attacking targets without raising suspicion. The game revolves around puzzle-solving and tactics. Players must choose the opportune moment to strike, deceive pursuers, and utilize the environment to hide and execute surprise attacks. Each level demands keen observation and disciplined decision-making. With simple yet refined graphics and suspenseful music, Hunter Impostor Stealth Master delivers an engaging gaming experience for enthusiasts of tactical and puzzle genres. You'll need to showcase quick thinking and planning skills to emerge victorious in this game.

How to play?

Use the mouse right click to point the direction of the soldier, Touch the screen on mobile devices.