Kick The Buddy

Kick the Buddy is the ultimate stress-relief game that allows you to unleash your frustrations in a fun and entertaining way. Meet Buddy, a virtual buddy who is always there for you to take out your anger on. Explore a vast range of weapons, explosives, and hilarious tools to inflict maximum damage on Buddy and relieve your stress. Release your creativity and customize the environment to create the perfect setting for your Buddy-beating session. Enjoy realistic physics and dynamic interactions as you experiment with different ways to torture and amuse Buddy. Whether you want to punch, shoot, explode, or simply vent your frustrations, Kick the Buddy provides a satisfying outlet for all your stress-relieving needs. Get ready to let off some steam and kick some virtual butt with Kick the Buddy! Kick The Buddy 3D features: - funny gameplay - good graphics - upgrades

How to play?

- Use mouse to play