Grab Pack Playtime

Grab Pack Playtime is a fun puzzle game with the characters from Poppy Playtime, in which you have to get the videotapes with the help of the GrabPack. About ten years ago, the funny play factory was closed because all the employees suddenly disappeared. With your ultra-long hands, it's now your task to find out what happened back then. Snake your arms past sharp chainsaws, burning chandeliers and the nasty stuffed animals. Of course, the well-known stuffed animals Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy & Co. will make it difficult for you to get the video tapes, because they want to prevent you from revealing the secret by all means. Use all the objects in the room so that the hands of your GrabPack will transport you from one level to the next. Do you think you stand a chance against Huggy Wuggy and his friends? Find out now and have fun with Grab Pack Playtime, another free online game on!

How to play?

Touch / Mouse