Kingdoms Wars

This game draws inspiration from the classic board game Monopoly but moves the setting further back to the medieval period. Given the game that inspired it, be prepared to engage in cutthroat swindling as you try to buy out all your fellow feudal lords. In Kingdoms Wars, it’s a battle royale to the debt. See what we did there? 🙂 Buy up as much land as you can with your starting gold. Charge duty to those who pass by your lands and be prepared to pay duty whenever you pass theirs. Build up your properties to charge even more exorbitant duties to your rivals. Game Play Objectives Select Throw Dice on the bottom right corner to begin. Buy out all the lands on the board. All players begin with 500 gold. You always play as the knight. Your player color is yellow. You can tell which land belongs to who by comparing the player color to the color on the board. Have more money and land than all the other feudal lords combined. Be the last lord standing (i.e. not bankrupt) to win the game. If you are unable to pay your debts, you lose the game. If at any point you reach zero or go negative you have to keep selling off properties until your balance is positive. Rules Roll the dice to move. Move the number of spaces shown on the dice. On the space you stop, you can choose to acquire the land on the space if you can afford it. If you land on a special space, you may either receive money or pay a fee. This is like the chance card in Monopoly, except there are no beauty contests, only bar tabs and found gold. Buy property You can only buy unclaimed spaces when you land on them. Spaces vary in property depending on their rent potential. A parcel with a rent value of 12 might cost 20 to buy. You can, however, buy out other player’s property at any time during your turn. This comes at a significant premium, where you can spend around 5x or 6x the original purchase price. Rebuy land sparingly and only if you’re one tile away from completing a set of 3 so you can build houses on them to lift rents for visitors. You can sell property anytime you want in your turn. This is vital to liquidating your assets if you ever get into debt. When you sell property the liquidation value is a fraction of the purchase price, so it helps to keep a bit of buffer cash on hand to prevent forced liquidations. Charge and pay tolls. Each time a player moves to a space owned by another player, they must pay duty. The duty rises as the land is developed. Well-developed spaces will charge a hefty duty each time a player passes. If you have sufficient cash, you can also buy property from your opponents. Develop property. You can build houses on spaces when you own 3 consecutive spaces in a set. There are 3 tiers of real estate you can build on each spot. Bigger houses charge more duty, providing more income. Deal with debt. If a player is unable to pay a toll, they must sell off property until they can meet the cost of the duties owed. They will lose if they are out of cash. If you are in debt, the game will stand still until you pay off your debts. Sell as many properties as you need to pay off debts. If you run out of property to pay debts, it’s game over. Special spaces Start Stopping at start costs you no duty. Passing by start is a critical component to getting a reward for “passing go” and from random events. Mine Each time you land on the mine, you receive 15 gold. A random event may send you to the mine. Landing on the mine will not cost you any duty. Tavern Each time you stay at the tavern, you must pay 15 gold. Jail Landing on jail will keep you from moving. You can choose to remain in jail for 3 turns or pay a hefty ransom to get out. Paying the ransom is wise early game when there are still many open lands to buy, while staying in jail is a smarter move in the late game. You and other players will also go to jail if you have no more money and can’t pay debt. Towers Towers roll up random events that can affect your game play. Whether you pay or gain money depends on the random event it generates. Random events Random events are analogous to chance cards in Monopoly. Each random event can earn or cost you money. The money may be collected from other players, paid per unit of real estate you own, or other random variations like simply finding gold.

How to play?

PC controls: Mouse. Touch Control works on all browsers and all mobile devices!