Kingdom Safeguard

Kingdom Safeguard is a fun game about defending your castle, leveling up your heroes, building your tower, and using special abilities and magic to defeat a large number of enemies. Only the strongest will be able to complete the task! This game consists of 30 rounds, each of which becomes more difficult as the game progresses. You're a magical archer, and you're on the kingdom's defense. To keep adversaries from breaking past the fortifications, use bows, arrows, and enchantments. Aim your sight at the invaders and attack them; if there are too many, set up ice barriers, summon a meteor shower, and use focused lightning to destroy them all at once. When all waves of opponents have been effectively repelled and silenced, the level will be completed. Fill the quiver with arrows and pluck the string; your foes will not wait for you to be ready! Have a great time!

How to play?