No More Rum

Sir Henry Morgan went on a bit of a bender last night. He has since sworn off rum forever. Armed with only a flintlock pistol, destroy all the rum bottles scattered across the Carribean beaches. Shoot the rum bottles directly, ricochet a shot into them, or knock rocks into the bottles to smash them. Be careful with your shot angle so you don’t hit yourself off a ricochet. Play through all 40 stages. Game Play Basics This is a trick shot ricochet game where you must destroy all the rum bottles. There are many ways to destroy them: shoot rum bottles to break them ricochet your shots off of other items (including the ground & the edges of the screen) to ricochet the shot into the rum bottles knock rocks into the rum bottles to break them break towers so other items collapse on the rum bottles and break them You have unlimited time and unlimited ammo, but if you are not careful your high powered shots can come back and hit you! Levels This game has 40 levels which are unlocked sequentially. You can go back and replay previously beat levels at any time. Winning vs losing You beat a level when every rum bottle on the stage is destroyed. You lose a level when any of your shots ricochet back and hit you. This game offers unlimited continues, starting you at the beginning of any level you lost. Tips Aiming order If other bottles are not in your way then it makes a lot of sense to try to hit the hardest to hit bottles first, that way if you miss there are lots of other remaining bottles which your shot can run into before it hits you. Some levels have rocks above your head which can hit you. It can make sense to fire shots to knock the rocks away from you before aiming for bottles. As you advance through the stages the levels get more complex with smaller bottle sizes & more obstacles to shoot around, requiring a lot of patience. Shot angle Your shot is true, meaning the bullet does not curve the way an arrow might. If you are ricocheting a shot off of many other surfaces be aware that small differences in angles can lead to big differences in shot destination after many ricochets. The barrels on some levels are rounded, meaning when your shots hit the sides of them they can bounce off at an angle. If you are aiming at something which is well below you sometimes it makes sense to shoot off the top of the level and bounce your shot downward rather than trying to make a tight angle down shot. If you are shooting at a spinning wood piece try to hit the top or bottom of it so you provide a lot of spin thrust on it, rather than hitting it dead center. Shot timing If you need to hit a particular board, or bounce your shot off a couple boards, track when they are in sequence and where they are when your shot is off then keep incrementally adjusting your timing a bit earlier or later until you get it right. The same is true if you are trying to avoid hitting boards. Mistakes? If you make a mistake and ricochet a rock the wrong way or knock a bottle down in a way that would make it almost impossible to reach with future shots use the level restart feature in the upper right corner menu button to start the level again.

How to play?

Desktop Use your mouse cursor to aim & left click to fire. Touchscreen devices Tap the screen with a finger & drag your finger along to aim. Lift your finger to fire your gun. Controls & indicators The upper right corner of the screen has a menu button. Click on the menu button to reveal options including: go home, restart level, control game music, and control game sound. Click on the menu button again to close it. The level select screen shows which levels you have beat.