Stack Builder Skyscraper

🧱 Stack Builder Skyscraper is a fun stacking game where you have to drop each floor of a huge skyscraper at the perfect time. In this free online game on you have to build the tallest building in the world, but in an unconventional way. Maybe a little unsafe too, but what's the fun of looking at plans and doing calculations, right? In each level, you will see a crane holding a block of bricks with some nice windows. Each of those blocks will be a floor of your magnificent architectural work. The bad thing is that it seems that the guy who controls the crane does not have the best pulse, so each block will move from side to side and you will have to release it right on top of the previous one, so that the building stays balanced. Reach as high as possible and unlock new locations. Have fun playing Stack Builder Skyscraper online and for free!

How to play?

Touch / Mouse