Monster Rush 1

Which monster is the strongest? Incredibly fun and accessible, Monster Rush 1 is a monster-collecting game that anybody can enjoy. A player's objective is to dash through hazards with their new monster pals, collecting monster balls along the way. Retire the monsters from fighting by catching and collecting them. In the next monster combat game, players will face off against various monsters. Use your pocket monster to its full potential, assemble a formidable army, and rise to the ranks of the monster legends. When you've honed your combat skills, fight other monster trainers. How prepared do you feel? Join Monster Rush 1 right now. Feature Accessory skins may be unlocked for use in games. Stunning 3D visuals. Celebrity Monsters This is a very cool game. Available for purchase on portable media players

How to play?

Run to the monster battle arena, collect Monster balls to catch monsters, and build a team.